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Vision and Priorities

The events of the past year have turned our world upside down and left us with a legacy we could not have predicted. But South Kesteven is a district full of promise and potential. It is home to innovative entrepreneurs and savvy start-ups; a base for global enterprise; and an inviting landscape perfectly situated in the heart of England. We have much to be proud of, and much to offer.

Our Vision

Our vision is to “be the best district in which to live, work, and visit".

Our priorities

Growth and our Economy

Delivering growth of the economy is fundamental to the success of the district, its businesses and residents. We are, therefore, prioritising:

  • Protecting and creating jobs within the district
  • Developing the centres and high streets of our four towns
  • Securing investment for infrastructure to support ongoing and sustainable growth

Housing that Meets the Needs of all Residents

High quality housing is essential for all and the council is committed to working with partners to provide this by:

  • Offering the new homes that people need, at a price they can afford
  • Ensuring new developments are in keeping with the character of South Kesteven and benefit the people who already live here
  • Providing high quality homes and services to those who rent property from the council

Healthy and Strong Communities

Supporting communities to be healthy is particularly important, especially in light of the Covid-19 crisis, which is why SKDC is:

  • Investing in the health of our district by improving leisure provision
  • Working effectively with partners in the voluntary, private and public sectors for the benefit of communities
  • Building on, and celebrating, the rich heritage and culture of the district

Clean and Sustainable Environment

Protecting and improving the environment is vitally important both now and for generations to come. Our work includes:

  • Tackling climate change by reducing the council’s carbon footprint
  • Ensuring that the district is a clean and pleasant place to live
  • Improving our parks and open spaces

High Performing Council

Local residents in South Kesteven are entitled to have high expectations and, therefore, we will prioritise:

  • Supporting the district in recovering from Covid-19
  • Managing our finances and assets effectively
  • Embedding an approach that seeks to continuously improve our service delivery, including good governance and staff and customer experience